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Kaki Pope has been taking care of my hearing problems for over 10 years. She is a very caring, helpful person. I just purchased a new set of GN Resounds which connect to my phone and I love them. The sound is so much better than my older hearing aids, wish I had changed long ago. The minute you walk in the office, you notice the warm, friendly atmosphere. Great place and people.

Mona Porter

Dear Ms. Pope:As you are aware, I had my older set of hearing aids about seven years. They had become so dysfunctional for me that I stopped wearing them. With my moderate to severe hearing loss, I was having a lot of difficulty communicating with my family and friends and had come in to see you at the urging of my wife and son. The new Resound Linx line of aids that you fitted me with, and the new technology, is like night and day over my older behind the ear aids. The open fit, the receiver in ear. And the newer sound processing give me a very natural sound experience and the aid is effortless to wear. I am very happy with being able to now hear so well, and my family is happier.Money can buy happiness....and not that much money at that. A very satisfied customer,

Ken Baer

"I have been a very satisfied client of Ms. Kaki Pope for over 10 years now. She has always made sure I get the hearing aids that are right for me and not the most expensive. She is patient, kind and very caring. Her priority is personal service and individual attention to my needs. I give Kaki and Audio Rehab Lab my highest recommendation."

James Hackney, Tallahassee

"Kaki Pope has been my audiologist since 2009. I have found her knowledgeable, competent, and available to assist in hearing aid service. I recommend her and Audio Rehab Lab. She has my full confidence."

Mary Leslie Olson

"A patient at Audio Rehab since 2010, I have come to know Kaki Pope and her work as an audiologist quite well. Kaki is the consummate professional who combines a thorough knowledge of her field with outstanding people skills. She took the mystery out of hearing aids for me and her skilled work has definitely improved quality of life for me. I learn something new every time I visit her office and have never been disappointed in her work or the excellent support of her staff. If you or someone you know needs hearing assistance, see Kaki Pope. You cannot go wrong with her."

Thomas Wilkerson

"I have been a customer of Audio Rehab Lab since 1994 and I have purchased several hearing aids form Kaki Pope and Audio Rehab Lab. She has state of the art technology and backs it up with excellent service. I would recommend Kaki Pope and Audio Rehab Lab to any potential hearing aid customer. You will be satisfied with the product and service of Kaki Pope and her staff."

Sonny Martin